Lars S. – New York City

Before coming to the USA, I felt the nervous excitement of not knowing what lies ahead.

When I started living with a host family, they took care of all of my uncertainties and showed me around. We had good food and a lot fun. After four weeks I changed places and moved to Manhattan into an affordable apartment which I am still calling my home. It is only 25 minutes from work to Midtown and I enjoy the subway rides in the mornings and evenings with New York’s vast variety of people from all backgrounds…

As for the job itself, I had a very warm welcoming on my first day in the office. The work environment is very relaxed yet competitive and challenging. I was given a lot of responsibility from my very first day but never felt alone in case I had questions. Work never gets boring due to new projects which always come in.

The Americans are loveable. I always met new people and was encouraged to participate in society despite my foreign background. All in all, I enjoyed my first year and I am lucky to have another 6 months.

Best of luck on your trip to America folks!

Lars from Germany