Sabine W. – New York City

Despite the fact that I had difficulties in the beginning, my experience in New York was wonderful. It was hard leaving friends and family to go to a place so far away and different. Initially, I found it difficult to find an proper apartment. It was a challenge to stay determined, but after a hard beginning everything fell neatly into place. The experience made me very proud of my determination.

My internship experience was fantastic. I worked for a small marketing company specializing in: special events, PR- and marketing. Through the company I was invited to go to really interesting events. I attended a Mercedes-Benz fashion show, a store opening, and even a photo shoot for a famous designer. Everyone was very friendly and young which made the atmosphere very special for me. Working with so many young people was a new and great experience for me.

All my journeys in NY where accompanied by new discoveries, I met wonderful people, and found true friends. All in all, I can say that it was an unforgettable experience.

Sabine from Germany