Daniel - Greenville, SC

Why my internship in the US is amazing!

Before I started my Dual-Study in Germany two years ago, I went on a world trip for 1.5 years and lived, traveled and worked in New Zealand, Australia and 7 other countries all over the world. Right when I started my studies in “Economic and Logistics”, I knew there was going to be a 6 month period, which would allow me to go to yet another country for an internship. It was my dream to come to the US, because it’s really hard to get another VISA, which would allow you to stay longer than 3 months.

After over 200 applications worldwide, I finally found an internship in Greenville, SC. I arrived at the beginning of May and started my internship a week later. Since then, I have experienced many interesting things and gained a lot of knowledge.

One of the first things which happened was a really big thing for our quite small company. At the end of May, Brigitte Zypries, the German Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy, came in for a visit to our office and warehouse with her big delegation and a news team. It was an exciting day and a special, once in a lifetime chance to be part of an event like this.

During my internship, I also got to do a lot of great things with my colleagues. On a beautiful sunny Friday at the end of June, the company had planned a boat trip, as they have always done for the past three years. Every employee is invited to spend a day at Lake Jocassee, SC. The company rented a big bus, three boats and bought drinks and food for everyone. Because of the many different nationalities, everyone agreed to bring a specialty dish of their home country, which gave the BBQ a most delicious note. So we had an awesome day and loads of fun, climbing and jumping from cliffs, showering under waterfalls, stand up paddling, fun tubing and BBQ.

Due to a former work colleague, our logistics department had the chance to visit the GSP Airport and check out the arrival area and the inside of an air freight cargo.  He now works for a new company and invited us over to see the whole process. Every once in awhile, if we have an urgent shipment, we need to use the services of this company and fly in the goods from Germany. We toured the Warehouse and watched the landing, parking, and unloading of the plane as well as its interior and the cockpit. 

Daniel G. from Germany