Every day we receive emails from participants who wish to inform us about their experience of the visa process.

We are pleased to regularly receive so many positive responses. For that reason, we would like to give you a small insight into some of the responses that our organization receives.
Wolfgang M.-Student from Aachen/Germany:
Internship in Mountain View, California (6 months)

The German American Chamber of Commerce California has enabled a smooth and seamless visa process because of its great handling of the visa paperwork. Jana Polster (German Office) and Mrs. Peggy Hack (San Diego, CA) have put so much personal commitment into handling my application for a J-1 Visa. I would recommend the German American Chamber of Commerce California’s visa service to everyone who is looking for a J-1 Visa.

Kati J.- Student from Wernigerode/Germany:
Internship in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (5 months)

When I wanted to apply to intern in Detroit, Michigan, I happened to come across this visa service through an internet search. The Chamber’s website was really clearly laid out, and it is really simple for those who are interested to apply. With the menu it is quick and simple to download the necessary documents and to understand which information will be required. The very next day, someone from the GACC CA contacted me, cleared up all of my questions, and explained the entire visa process to me. Later they told me the things that I need to pay special attention to, and which documents are important. I could always count on the GACC CAs help. That is why I recommend this service to anyone who needs a J-1 visa to intern in the US.

Katharina S.- Student from Vienna/Austria:
Internship in Maryville, Missouri (5 months)

… I have just received my visa in the mail. Thank you so much for your prompt and competent support!

Lena S.- Student from Frankfurt a. Main/Germany:
Internship in Los Angeles, California (1 month)

Today I had my appointment at the US Consulate. Everything went smoothly and I was in and out in about an hour. The interview went very well… I was asked: why I want to do this internship, how I came to this position, how long do I still need to study in Germany, and if the internship is required for my study…The visa should go out tomorrow in the mail. Once more, thank you for the support and for answering all of my questions

Kirsten S.- Student from Darmstadt/Germany:
Internship in Encinitas, California (6 months)

…Once more, thank you so very much for all of the work that you put into this visa application. As far as the paperwork goes, it is all done now. On Friday I will leave for California! The visa process was very simple.

Felix O.- Student from Aachen/Germany:
Internship in Cambridge, Massachusettes (6 months)

…I just wanted to share with you, that today my visa was issued and in a week I should receive it in the mail…Thank you so much for the excellent job that you did for me.

Dominic M.- Student from Olpe/Germany:
Internship in New York, New York (18 months)

I’m glad to inform you that my visa interview yesterday went well. I will fly out on Saturday from Düsseldorf to New York, just as I originally planned. Thank you so much for answering all of my questions

Monika L.- Student from Weihenstephan/Germany:
Internship in Bismarck, North Dakota (5 months)

I just wanted to give you a short update to tell you that my consular appointment went well. I will receive my visa in about a week. Thanks for your work!

Anita J.- Student from Aalen/Germany:
Internship in Green Bay, Wisconsin (9 months)

…I have just completed my consulate appointment and my visa has been issued. I will fly out of Frankfurt soon. I really just wanted to take the time to thank you for your support throughout the visa process.

Tamara H.-Student from Heilbronn/Germany:
Internship in Green Bay, Wisconsin (5 months)

…The appointment at the Consular Office went smoothly…The funny thing is that I got my visa the next day in the mail. Are they always so fast?

Christian B.-Student from Nürnberg/Germany:
Internship in Columbia, New Jersey (5 months)

… I just wanted to share with you all that my visa arrived over the weekend. I will fly out soon from Düsseldorf to New York’s JFK Airport. Thank your for all of your work up to this point!

Bjoern B. – Student from Biberach/Germany:
planned internship in Beaverton, Oregon

First, I would like to thank you for all of the support. I just wanted to write briefly about the other issues I’ve had with my internship experience. When my boss agreed to transfer my internship with Business X, I went to the GACC CA to help me with my visa. A friend recommended the organization to me for visa support. Writing out the training plan, the preparation of the internship, and the quick issuance of the DS-2019 everything was great…

… When I arrived in the US, however, I couldn’t immediately start work because my new boss still needed my Social Security Number. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a Social Security number …… Thanks to your help I could, after three weeks of uncertainty, continue my internship. My boss told me that Business X could sever the contract. The good thing for me was that I was able to change my program period with the help of the GACC CA, and everything worked out for the best.

Nils S.- Student from Münster/Germany:
Internship in New York, New York (3 months)

… I just wanted to share with you that my visa has just arrived…Once more thank you for support.

Björn S. – Chicago, Illinois (4 Months)

I’ve arrived in Chicago and started my internship program exactly as scheduled …For the record, I didn’t have any problems with my documentation at customs and border control and everything went smoothly upon my arrival. [The president of my company] picked me up from the airport. He and his family, like all the people I’ve met so far, have been very hospitable since I came. By the way I love Chicago and the apartment that I have here almost downtown. I’m sharing an apartment with three very nice and friendly people …

Stefanie K. – Student from Berlin/Germany:
Internship in New York, New York (3 months)

… My embassy appointment was extremely short, but it went very well. I was asked how long my internship will last and how I would finance my stay in the US, but otherwise few other things were covered. They let me take my cover letter with me. Overall the interview was very short and completely in German…I received my visa just two days after my interview. You have my deepest gratitude for how you’ve helped me. I felt like everything was taken care of with no stress. Thank you again.

Tanja W. – Travel agent from Schrobenhausen/Germany:
Internship in Costa Mesa, California (18 months)

… I just wanted to let you know that I have just received my visa, and tomorrow I’m booking my flight to the US. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done!!

Paul D. – Student from Oldenburg/Germany:
Internship in Louisville, Kentucky (6 months)

… I wanted to quickly tell you that my visa has been issued. Thanks for the help!

Also, US companies are sending us messages in which they describe how satisfied they are with our service. Find below some emails we have received over the course of time.

Email from Christina M.-K.

I think that the support provided by GACC California was excellent. The visa process was efficient and speedy. Initially, we had a slight problem regarding the training plan […] Eventually, this was all resolved […] I appreciate very much your quick support and responsiveness.

Email from Patty R.

When interest was expressed by our distributor in Germany to have his son intern in the United States with our company, I did not know where to start. Your services were prompt and effective and I especially appreciated the help in completing the Training Plan. The examples were very useful and in fact turned out to make our interns’ experience much more concise and productive. I also thank you for the wonderful communication in relaying the status of the visa.

Email from Scott W.

I enjoyed working with your office (mainly Peggy Hack-Fleming, who is very helpful and pleasant to work with) and found your process to be very efficient and easy for sponsors. The form training contract and training plan template were very helpful and saved me a tremendous amount of time in putting together a plan for Mr. xxx’s training here in the US. I will certainly refer international students who wish to train in the US to the GACC CA for assistance in identifying potential sponsors and working to obtain the required J-1 visa.

Email from Latane M.

We have not started working with our intern yet however the German American Chamber of Commerce California, Inc was thorough with its research and made the progress of getting the intern smooth.

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